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American Chemical & Equipment metal finishing Processes & Equipment

Precious Metal Plating

  • Silver Plating
    • Argonaut 2 – Bright Silver Plating Solution produces brilliant white deposits in both rack and barrel for decorative and functional applications.
    • Silver Potassium Cyanide  – A 54.2% Silver Potassium Cyanide available in various pack sizes.
    • Silver Cyanide 80.5% – A Silver Cyanide 80.5% available in various pack sizes.
  • Gold Plating
    • DecraGold RC100, C1 – A rich Gold containing Cobalt for decorative use in both rack and barrel plating applications.
    • Gildaura – A Non Tarnishing Decorative Gold.  Gildaura is a gold plating process developed specifically for the decorative and jewelry industries. It is a simple, yet reliable electrolyte color gilding technique designed to meet requirements where deposits of the highest quality are needed.
    • Micaura – A heavy deposit Decorative Gold .
    • Equaura – A decorative Immersion Gold process for Nickel and Copper substrates.
    • CirGold N (HT) – A Nickel hardened Gold Alloy with good distribution used for both Rack and Barrel plating applications.
    • CirGold N95 – A Nickel hardened Gold Alloy for barrel applications
    • CirGold N92, C93 – A high speed ‘Reel to Reel’ Gold with Nickel and Cobalt to harden.   This process is a high depostion, low Gold concentration with minimum porosity.
    • CirGold PG90 – Pure Gold for Bonding and other applications
    • CirGold Strike – A general purpose Gold strike.
    • CirGold 965 – A functional Immersion Gold process that is replenishable.

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