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American Chemical & Equipment – Chemical Equipment Manufacturers

Metal Finishing takes on many forms and shapes. Virtually every line is custom built utilizing information from the customer to the engineering table to the production team.  The end result is an uncompromised solution to your metal finishing needs.      

American Chemicals & Equipment – Plating Chemicals

Plating chemicals are applicable to a variety of use-cases. They are especially applicable to the automotive and hardware industries. At American Chemicals & Equipment, we provide both plating chemicals and plating tanks – true to our namesake! One of the advantages of chemical plating is that it can make metals withstand corrosion. If you are using plating chemicals on car metals, this allows the car (or motorcycle) withstand the elements […]

American Chemicals & Equipment – Ventilation Systems Manufacturers

As a ventilation systems manufacturer, we understand the value of ventilation systems to any type of business or facility. If you work with chemicals, proper ventilation is even more important. Without proper ventilation, workers can become sick. It may not occur right away, but workers will inevitably become ill when exposed to harmful chemicals for long periods of time. You need to make sure your ventilation systems are of the […]

Plating and Anodizing Tanks

Plating & Anodizing Equipment for All Metal Finishing Needs: Zinc & Zinc Alloy Plating: This is a separate category simply because Zn is the worlds most desired sacrificial Coating, providing both Functional and Decorative finishes. Cadmium, Copper, Nickel, Chrome, Hard Chrome, & Brass.  All these items are utilized throughout industries world wide for industrial, commercial and decorative applications. We design lines using the most updated equipment and engineering capabilities but […]

Ventilation Systems by American Chemicals & Equipment

Ventilation systems are an invaluable part of any manufacturing facility – especially those that work with metal and chemicals. Yet, they often work in the background and are not given as much active thought at the machines and offices inside the building. Without ventilation systems that are properly working, all building occupants and employees are placed in danger every day they go to work. You need to be sure that […]