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American Chemical & Equipment metal finishing Processes & Equipment

We are an International Manufacturer and Distributor of Products that Specialize in the Metal Finishing Industry

American Chemical & Equipment, Inc. has been supporting the metal finishing industry since 1988. We manufacture and distribute high performance coatings for plating and painting/E-coating companies worldwide. From the automotive, military, and electronics industries, to the stamping house in your home town. We add value, function, and beauty to your products. American Chemical & Equipment's high corrosion resistant processes, such as our chromates/passivates, phosphates, aluminum conversion coatings, and other plating chemicals, are second to none.

800-734-CHEM (2436)

Northlake, IL & Birmingham, AL

We provide Metal Finishing processes which include equipment design/engineering and manufacturing.

Our products include, but are not limited to: Zinc and Zinc alloys along with their complimentary Chromate/Passivate Conversion coatings (Hexavalent, Trivalent, Non-Chrome, and Non-Cobalt) with Sealers/Topcoats, Electroless and Electrolytic Nickels, Coppers, Chromes, Cleaners, and Phosphates. A few of our popular equipment offerings include our Tanks, Liners, Anode Baskets, and Automatic/Semi-Automatic Control Equipment. Please visit our Products Page for more information. We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of products for optimal metal finishing results.

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We Updated Our Website with our Most Popular Plating Additives!

Please browse our Products Page that showcases our most popular plating additives categorized by process.  Keep in mind that these products are just a small sample of all the products we have to offer.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please Contact us for more information.

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