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American Chemical & Equipment metal finishing Process & Equipment

An International Manufacturer & Distributor of products for the Metal Finishing Industry

American Chemical & Equipment has been supplying metal finishing industry since 1988. We make high performance coatings for manufacturing, plating and painting companies worldwide. From the automotive, military and electronics industry to the stamping house in your home town, we add value, function and beauty to your products. American Chemical & Equipment’s high corrosion resistant processes such as chromates, phosphates, aluminum, conversion coatings and other plating chemicals are second to none.

800-734-CHEM (2436)

Chicago, IL & Birmingham, AL

We provide metal finishing processes
and ventilation equipment design and engineering.

Our products include but are not limited to Zinc, and Zinc alloys, Nickel, Chromate Conversion coatings in both Hexavalent, Trivalent and NON-Chrome products.  Additionally we manufacture Phosphate and Aluminum Conversion Coatings including ALUVERT TC & NC which surpasses Military Specifications once achievable only with Hexavalent Products.  We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of products for optimal metal finishing results.  Unlike other plating supply companies we believe in accessibility and service as well as chemicals and equipment.  We offer Tanks, Liners, Control Equipment from pH and ORP to temperature.  Ventilation Equipment, for the metal and mass finishing shops including plating, phosphates, and aluminum finishing and miscellaneous coatings.

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