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Nickel Plating

  • Electroless Nickel
    • Ni-Star MP – A mid-phos process that can be ran fully bright or semi-bright.
    • Ni-Star HP – A high-phos process that is RoHS compliant. Designed for high corrosion resistance with a uniform deposit.   Ni-Star HP is compressively stressed and will pass nitric acid fume porosity testing.
    • Ni-Star MP CAF – A RoHS compliant cadmium and ammonia-free electroless nickel plating process, designed to deposit a uniform, bright nickel with a mid phosphorus (5-8%) deposit.   Ni-Star MP (CAF) is particularly suitable for plating on aluminium alloys.
    • Ni-Star Strike – A modern day alkaline electroless nickel system designed to produce a thin nickel coating on zincated aluminum alloys.  This step will extend the life of your main Electroless Nickel bath.
    • Ni-Star CLF2000 – A fully bright, highly stable medium phos process that is Lead and Cadmium free.
    • Plastech EN – An EN for POP, (Plating On Plastics).   A low temperature, auto catalytic process for ABS based materials.
  • Electrolytic Nickel
    • Nickel 1000 – A Nickel Sulfamate process that produces a very pure, low stress deposit with all the advantages obtained from a sulfamate process. This ideal diffusion barrier base coating is formulated with a wide current density operating range for rack or high speed (reel-to-reel) plating prior to precious or other plated metals.
    • Nickel 2000 – Semi-bright sulfamate nickel process
    • Nickel 6000 – A Satin Nickel process producing a low stress, high ductility deposit.
    • Nickel 2100 – High sulfer electrolytic Nickel that is used as part of a Duplex or Tri Nickel system.
    • Nickel 3100 – A semi-bright Nickel used as part of a Duplex or Tri Nickel system.
    • Nibrite 5500 – A high throw, high leveling, fully bright and ductile Nickel.
    • Nickel DP – A sulfur free Nickel used for dual coat Nickel deposits.
    • Nickel BK – A specially modified nickel bath producing a thin black deposit. It is typically used for decorative finishes. Deposits of Nickel BK can be post treated in clear lacquer to further enhance corrosion resistance. Nickel BK can be used in rack and barrel applications.

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