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American Chemical & Equipment metal finishing Processes & Equipment

Copper Plating

  • Acid Copper
    • Cubrite 25 – Decorative, fully bright, high leveling acid copper
    • Procirc CB6900 – An acid copper that is fully bright with a fine grained ductile deposit.
    • Procirc 9725 – An acid copper with high throw and high leveling.
    • Cubrite AC62 – A Gravure acid copper that has a hard deposit designed for the Roto Gravure, (printing industry).  It is also a high efficiency, high leveling process with a satin finish.
    • Cubrite 2000 – A dye based, fully bright acid copper with excellent leveling, brightening, and throw properties with a satin finish.
  • Non-Cyanide Copper
    • Cubrite 200 – A non-Cyanide alkaline copper with high efficiency and high leveling that creates a satin finish.
  • Cyanide Copper
    • HE Cyanide Copper – A high efficiency Cyanide based copper process
    • Bright Cyanide Copper – A highly stable additive system designed to give a bright finish reducing the required thickness of subsequent coatings

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