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  • Dual-Purpose Cleaners, (soak and electro)
    • Cleaner SOP – A powerful alkaline dual purpose cleaner designed to remove a wide variety of soils including mineral oils, greases, machine oils and lanolin from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Also is an ideal cleaner for magnesium.
    • Alkaline Cleaner 45 – An economical, highly alkaline, general purpose cleaner for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    • Cleaner 606 and Cleaner 606 LF, (Low Foam) – A highly effective, highly economical, soak/electrocleaner which will rapidly remove soils from many types of surfaces without attack on the base metal. Cleaner 606 will quickly remove soils such as oils, greases, heavy machine oils, light polishing compositions, lanolin, greases and metal filings.   Cleaner 606 is also extremely effective as an etch process for aluminum prior to chromate conversion.
    • Alkaline Cleaner CAC -Alkaline Cleaner CAC is a heavy duty, silicate-free soak/electro cleaner for the removal of smut, surface rust and soils from steel and copper/copper alloys.
  • Alkaline and Acid Soak Cleaners
    • Cleaner BOS – A powerful, highly effective alkaline soak cleaner which will remove a wide variety of soils including mineral oils, greases, machine oils and lanolin from ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
    • AL65 – An acid based cleaner / deoxidizer for aluminum. AL65 removes surface films and corrosion products to leave a clean, even finish. Removes oxides and creates a micro-structured surface.   Can be applied by spray, dip, or brush.
    • Cleaner 505 – A non-etch cleaner ideal for all cleaning applications where no attack on the base metal can be tolerated. The carefully balanced formulation ensures complete removal of shop soils and light buffing compounds including buffing compo. Cleaner 505 is an ideal cleaner when used with ultrasonics.   Cleaner 505 is especially recommended for cleaning polished surfaces of aluminum prior to anodizing, conversion chromate coating and plating. Other uses are cleaning non-ferrous metals including zinc based die cast (ZBDC), gold, silver, brass and copper. It may also be used to clean steel with light oils.
  • Electro Cleaners
    • Econoclense EK – Alkili, room temperature, cyanide based, electrocleaner suitable for most metals
    • Econoclense ENF – Buffered alkaline electrocleaner recomended for final stage anodic cleaning of Copper, Brass, and Zinc diecast.
    • Econoclense D – A descale electrocleaner that is highly effective for steel, and for certain applications, copper and its alloys. The high alkalinity solution will remove rust, heat scales, smuts, oxides, sulfides, finger marks, soaps, chromate films, phosphates and many other contaminants including paint.
    • Econoclense ECN – A low foaming, non-silicated, electrolytic, Cyanide based cleaner for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    • Econoclense EFR – A Cyanide free version of Econoclense ECN.
  • Specialty Cleaners
    • Cleanaid – A multi-purpose cleaning additive, (wetting agent) comprised of a blend of liquid surfactants.   This is an additive for acid inhibitors, alkaline cleaners, and also can be used for a rinse aid.
    • Cleaner 607 – An etch cleaner pre-treatment for Aluminum prior to Chromate conversion and Zincate.
    • EtchAL –  Liquid alkaline etch for Aluminum.  Low sludge formation.
    • Alibrite 170 – Formulated to give a bright polished finish to Aluminum.

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