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American Chemical & Equipment metal finishing Processes & Equipment

Chrome Plating

  • Hard/Functional Chrome
    • ACE-CRL40 – A Liquid Hexavalent Chromic Acid Solution with 40% chrome, (550g/L)
    • HE Chrome – A stand-alone catalyst additive that can be used with any standard chromic acid that makes the plating bath a highly efficient, (up to 25%), and etch-free plating process
    • DHC Spray Suppressant – A Non-PHOS mist suppressant that has been specifically developed to reduce surface tension and mists in plating and pickling baths.
    • Chrome Neutralizing Salts – Reduces chrome 6 in rinse waters to a trivalent state.
  • Decorative Chrome
    • Decochrome T – A decorative trivalent chromium plating process. It is a substitute for traditional hexavalent chromium plating processes.
    • Decochrome – A liquid high speed catalyst that can be added to a hexavalent chromic acid solution.
    • Black Chrome – Black chrome has been developed to provide a deep black non reflective finish for both decorative and functional applications as an alternative to traditional chrome. It can be applied directly to most substrates.

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