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American Chemical & Equipment metal finishing Processes & Equipment

Chem-Milling Products


  • AF-1122Anti-foam formulated specifically for the ferric chloride etching process.   This product manages the foam during etching without detrimentally impacting the etching process.
  • SC-1310  – Concentrated equipment cleaner designed specifically for ferric chloride etchers.
  • PC-1531 – Single step, immersion cleaner for use prior to dry-film application.   Removes greases and oils while coating the metal surface with a thin, adhesion promoting film.
  • DC-3450 – A 450g/L developer concentrate  with detergent and water softening additives to keep developers clean by preventing water hardness scale buildup.
  • CC-4405 – 40% sodium chlorate based ferric chloride regeneration chemical formulated with rate enhancing additives.


  • DC-3030 – This controller provides accurate and reliable control of the developing solutions.  The DC-3030 controls solution concentration, resist loading, and most important, breaking point.   Automatic delivery of chemical concentrate directly from factory packaging reduces chemical handling.
  • ETCHpro FC-4020  – A complete control system that provides accurate and reliable control of the ferric chloride etching process through independent measurement and adjustment of the three critical control variables: ferric chloride concentration, free acid, and total metal loading. Each process sensor is chosen specifically for optimum performance and maximum operating life in the harsh chemical milling process.

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