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American Chemical & Equipment metal finishing Processes & Equipment


  • Econovate – Highly activating dry acid salt for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Econovate A – A hydrofluoric acid replacement to enhance nitric acid for an effective acid etch and when used in low concentrations with nitric acid it is an ideal deoxidizer/desmut. Used as an acid etch in surface prep sequence for chemical conversion coating, zincating and anodizing where polished surfaces are to be maintained.
  • Econovate Plus – Tri-Acid Salts enhanced formula produces a deeper cleaned, smut-free surface on many metals including steel/stainless steel, cast iron, copper, brass, zinc die-castings, aluminum, nickel, silver and lead alloys. Is designed to replace a variety of conventional mineral acids with a higher tolerance to oil contamination than liquid acids.  Can be set up as a cathodic activator/scale remover.
  • Alzon – A Zincate process developed to produce a thin, tightly adherent zinc-alloy film on aluminum. The film provides an excellent adhesion undercoat primarily for electroless nickel and can be used prior to electroplating processes.
  • Alzon CF – A cyanide-free Zincate process.
  • Brasspol – Chemical polish and debur for Copper and Copper Alloys.
  • Procirc 900 – Chemical polish and debur for Copper.

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