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Plating chemicals are applicable to a variety of use-cases. They are especially applicable to the automotive and hardware industries. At American Chemicals & Equipment, we provide both plating chemicals and plating tanks – true to our namesake!

One of the advantages of chemical plating is that it can make metals withstand corrosion. If you are using plating chemicals on car metals, this allows the car (or motorcycle) withstand the elements longer.

A disadvantage, however, is that plating chemicals tend to be very toxic. They need to be for them to be able to change metals the way that they can. With that being said, there are some things that employers should do to ensure that workers dealing with plating chemicals are protected.

  • Follow all label directions. Make sure you store plating chemicals where they are supposed to be stored and transport them safely.
  • Make sure employees wear protective gear. Depending on the plating chemical, employees may need to wear eyewear or whole chemical suits.
  • Keep track. Make sure you’re accounting for all the plating chemicals at your facility. This is important for inspections as well as employees’ wellbeing.

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