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    Plating & Anodizing Equipment for All Metal Finishing Needs:

    Zinc & Zinc Alloy Plating: This is a separate category simply because Zn is the worlds most desired sacrificial Coating, providing both Functional and Decorative finishes.

    Cadmium, Copper, Nickel, Chrome, Hard Chrome, & Brass.  All these items are utilized throughout industries world wide for industrial, commercial and decorative applications. We design lines using the most updated equipment and engineering capabilities but always keeping within the limits of the customers needs & expectations. From fully automatic plating and Anodizing lines to manual lines.  Regardless of the line size,the Mantra stays the same, High Quality Equipment, built on time producing consistent quality parts.

    HVOF:  Thermal Spray Coatings.  We have designed and built a complete HVOF Stripping System designed to efficiently strip parts that have had the High Velocity Coatings applied for re-work applications.  This is a major advantage for any company involved in this industry from the Military to the Oil field.

    Ventilation Systems & Scrubbers

    Ventilation Systems are a significant part of the Metal Finishing Plating Budget.  Consideration of all the surrounding infrastructure both inside and outside the building, must be taken into account in its design.   We design a truly state of the art system utilizing the best technology and Industrial Representatives to provide a complete overview of the necessary regulatory requirements both now and in the future.  Whether the system is small or the size of a football field the expectations are the same, performance of the systems and mitigation of nearby air movement.

    Reverse Osmosis Systems and Filtration Systems

    Often time metal finishers realize that the best most productive work that comes out of their lines is never better then when the chemistry and the rinses are clean.  The way to maximize production and minimize rejects is to filter the Plating baths and use the cleanest water possible for your rinses.  By utilizing Counter Flow Rinse you can for example save about 95% of a gallon of water when you compare three (3) counter flow rinses to only one (1) rinse.  An example is; If a plater requires the generally accepted dilution ratio of 5000:1, for example, he’d need 4,999 gallons to rinse away one gallon of drag-out, if only one rinse were available, but only 17 gallons if he had used a three tank counter-flow.  Thus he would have saved 4,999-17 = 4,982 gallons.  The percentage saved would be 4,982 ÷ 4,999 x 100 = 99.66%.

    Reprised from an article originally appearing in Products Finishing Magazine

    At the end of many systems especially Anodizing and Electroless Nickel and other Electroless applications, a final Reverse Osmosis Rinse is preferred to eliminate any residual salts in the final rinse.


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    American Chemical and Equipment has been a supplier of plating tanks and other services for metal finishing since the late 1980s. Visit our website and call at (708) 531-9199.

  • American Chemicals & Equipment – Plating Chemicals

    Plating chemicals are applicable to a variety of use-cases. They are especially applicable to the automotive and hardware industries. At American Chemicals & Equipment, we provide both plating chemicals and plating tanks – true to our namesake!

    One of the advantages of chemical plating is that it can make metals withstand corrosion. If you are using plating chemicals on car metals, this allows the car (or motorcycle) withstand the elements longer.

    A disadvantage, however, is that plating chemicals tend to be very toxic. They need to be for them to be able to change metals the way that they can. With that being said, there are some things that employers should do to ensure that workers dealing with plating chemicals are protected.

    • Follow all label directions. Make sure you store plating chemicals where they are supposed to be stored and transport them safely.
    • Make sure employees wear protective gear. Depending on the plating chemical, employees may need to wear eyewear or whole chemical suits.
    • Keep track. Make sure you’re accounting for all the plating chemicals at your facility. This is important for inspections as well as employees’ wellbeing.

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    American Chemical and Equipment has been a supplier of plating chemicals, plating tanks and other metal finishing services since 1988. We are proudly homed in Chicagoland in Ingleside. Come see us at our website. You may also call (708) 531-9199.

  • American Chemical & Equipment – Chemical Equipment Manufacturers

    Metal Finishing takes on many forms and shapes. Virtually every line is custom built utilizing information from the customer to the engineering table to the production team.  The end result is an uncompromised solution to your metal finishing needs.

    Small Manual Cleaning Line



    Plating, Anodizing, Phosphating, or Conversion Coatings

    American Chemical & Equipment has been supplying equipment and other services to the Metal Finishing Community and manufacturing industry since 1988. We are located in Chicago, & Birmingham AL with warehousing in Missoula MT. Visit our website and call us today at 800 734-CHEM (2436) or (708) 531-9199.


  • Ventilation Systems by American Chemicals & Equipment

    Ventilation systems are an invaluable part of any manufacturing facility – especially those that work with metal and chemicals. Yet, they often work in the background and are not given as much active thought at the machines and offices inside the building.

    Without ventilation systems that are properly working, all building occupants and employees are placed in danger every day they go to work. You need to be sure that you choose high quality ventilation systems so that the air inside your business is clean and free of dangers.

    What defines effective ventilation systems?

    If you think about air conditions in homes, they not only cool the home but they condition them by clearing the air of unsavory odors and even germs. Ventilation systems work similarly in that they can remove harmful and distressing elements from the air.

    In a chemical or manufacturing plant, there are numerous potential toxins in the air, much unlike your average home. This means that the ventilation system must work in overtime to take out these hazards. The ventilation must be capable of expelling air into the outside world, away from the employees in the building.

    The ergonomics consideration

    It may sound strange, but proper ventilation can be considered an ergonomics concern. Workers are most effective when they feel cool and comfortable at their place of work. In a manufacturing or chemical plant, proper ventilation is also an ergonomics issue because long-term exposure to the odors and toxins in the air could cause illnesses and long-term lung damage.

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    American Chemical and Equipment has been supplying equipment and other services to the metal finishing industry since 1988. We are located in Chicagoland in Ingleside. Visit our website and call us today at (708) 531-9199.

  • American Chemicals & Equipment – Ventilation Systems Manufacturers

    As a ventilation systems manufacturer, we understand the value of ventilation systems to any type of business or facility. If you work with chemicals, proper ventilation is even more important.

    Without proper ventilation, workers can become sick. It may not occur right away, but workers will inevitably become ill when exposed to harmful chemicals for long periods of time.

    You need to make sure your ventilation systems are of the highest quality because there is nothing more important that the safety of your employees. Without safe employees, your business will surely falter.

    What defines ventilation systems manufacturers?

    Any effective business typically has some common qualities – ambition, leadership, altruism and stellar customer service. But for a company that creates such important manufacturing equipment, there are some qualities that are even more important than the basics. They include the following:

    • Rigorousness – Our quality-checking processes ensure that these essential systems in your business operate how they are supposed to function.
    • Organization – We make sure that we have the right types of ventilation systems for your facility.
    • Empathy – We understand how important your employees are to you, so we ensure that our ventilation systems will keep them safe.

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    American Chemical and Equipment has been supplying equipment and other services to the metal finishing industry since 1988. We are located in Chicagoland in Ingleside. Visit our website and call us today at (708) 531-9199.

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