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Sealing Products

  • Cold Seal LB – Specially formulated cold seal in powder form that reduces bleeding of organic dyes more than 50% as compared to other room temperature seals.
  • Seal MT-1 – Highly concentrated liquid mid-temperature seal operating at 165 – 185 deg. F.
  • Seal HT-1– Highly concentrated liquid high temperature seal for sealing anodized aluminum. It has the optimal blend of hydrators and smut preventing agents to insure an excellent seal with minimum sealing smut. It operates at 180 – 210 deg. F.
  • Seal Extender – Seal additive for mid temperature seals.
  • Seal EF – Non-Nickel mid temperature seal. Specially recommended for bright work.
  • Seal EFN – Non-Nickel mid temperature seal, used in conjunction with Techevon Cold Seal LB to provide excellent resistance to high alkaline solutions for automotive applications.
  • Seal TMG – Nickel-free seal concentrate that will provide an excellent seal using mid-temperature conditions. This seal has improved heat stability and Anodic Coatings sealed using the Techevon TMG will meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM test methods: B136, B117, & B680.
  • Seal HWA – Residue free sealing additive used in hot DI sealing tanks to produce a smut free and stain free finish. Direct Replacement for SH-1.
  • Seal PTFE – Provides a unique PTFE bonding to anodic coatings. Extremely low coefficient of friction and high resistance corrosive attack.
  • Seal PTFEW – Provides a water based dispersable PTFE seal that bonds to the anodic coatings. This seal has a low coefficient of friction and high resistance corrosive attack.
  • Color Stabilizing Process – Two stage sealing method that significantly minimizes or eliminates color shifting of colors during the sealing process. Process involves the use of Techevon Dye Additive NB in stage 1 followed by Techevon Color Sealing stage 2.
  • Colorfix Seal – Fully compliant Mil 8625 nickel seal chemistry. This chemistry may be operated as a mid temp preseal or final hot seal.

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