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American Chemical & Equipment metal finishing Processes & Equipment

Etchants and Deoxidizers


  • Etch AdditiveND – High sequestering additive for caustic etch tanks to eliminate sludging in etch tanks.
  • Etch AdditiveLD – A long life etch additive for reduced spangling & very low gloss
  • Etch Powder – Complete caustic etch with the correct additive ratio for a low gloss etch chemistry with no tank sludge.


  • Deox. Liq. – Fully blended deoxidizer/desmut particularly good for job shop anodizers.
  • Deox Additive – Highly concentrated additive used with sulfuric acid or nitric acid to provide an economical alternative to a fully blended product.
  • Deox. Powder – Fully blended peroxide based deox and demut chemistry to remove etch residue and surface oxides. Particularly effective for 7000 series.

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