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OLIVINE / Green Lightning

There are many sizes of Olivine or Green Lightning.
American Chemical & Equipment now supplies the highest quality Olivine available and it is free of Asbestos.
What is Olivine?

Olivine, also known as Green Lightning, is a magnesium iron silicate. It is the industrial mineral with the highest magnesium content. Olivine is produced from Dunite rock and has a sandy structure. Olivine is used throughout the industry for many uses and offers a unique chemical profile, Color, and hardness.

Olivine Uses

Its sub-angular shape insures constant sharp angles for fast striping of paints, rust and scale. Olivine has also been used as a mixture in water for high pressure cutting. Olivine is commonly used in the removal of graffiti, blastcleaning — especially for fa├žade cleaning and cleaning of stone and concrete surfaces in building renovation, etc. Olivine is also used in foundry sand, refractories, and welding electrodes.

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