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OLIVINE / Green Lightning

There are many sizes of Olivine or Green Lightning. American Chemical & Equipment now supplies the highest quality Olivine available and it is free of Asbestos.

What is Olivine?

Olivine, also known as Green Lightning, is a magnesium iron silicate. It is the industrial mineral with the highest magnesium content. Olivine is produced from Dunite rock and has a sandy structure. Olivine is used throughout the industry for many uses and offers a unique chemical profile, Color, and hardness.

Olivine Uses

Its sub-angular shape insures constant sharp angles for fast striping of paints, rust and scale. Olivine has also been used as a mixture in water for high pressure cutting. Olivine is commonly used in the removal of graffiti, blastcleaning -- especially for façade cleaning and cleaning of stone and concrete surfaces in building renovation, etc. Olivine is also used in foundry sand, refractories, and welding electrodes.

Olivine Properties

Shape Sub-angular to angular
Color Pale green
Hardness 6.5-7 Mohs
Specific density 3.25 kgs/dm3

Olivine Chemical Composition

MgO 49.00 50.00 %
SiO2 41.50 42.50 % in bound form, <1% free silica
Fe2O3 6.80 7.30 %
Al2O3 0.40 0.50 %
CaO 0.05 0.10 %
Cr2O3 0.20 0.30 %
MnO 0.05 0.10 %
NiO 0.30 0.35 %

Olivine Grain Sizes

Example is GL-70

GL 100 0.50 – 1.40 mm
GL 70 0.20 - 1.20 mm
GL 50 0.10 - 0.50 mm
GL 40 0.063 - 0.25 mm
GL 30 0.063 – 0.125 mm

Olivine Packaging

Olivine from Amerchem is packed in 55 pound bags, on shrink foiled export pallets.

Call today for free samples.

Equipment, materials and abrasives used for surface preparation can be hazardous if used carelessly. Many national regulations exist for those materials and abrasives that are considered to be hazardous during or after use (waste management), such as free silica or carcinogenic or toxic substances. Those regulations are therefore to be observed. It is important to ensure that adequate instructions are given and that all required precautions are exercised.

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